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Daddy Daughter Night In

So, this post is for all the dads out there.  Dads with daughters.  Daughter daddies.  You know who you are.  Technically, I suppose moms could also read it.  Actually, I would love it if you do.  Everybody is welcome to read it.  I'm kind of funny, sometimes.  Try it.  Who knows?

So anyway, Dads, et al, you know how it can be.  Beth and I are the stereotypical parents, where I work full time outside the house, and she stays home and eats healthful snacks whilst our angelic children clean the house and make the world a better place. (She just rolled her eyes.) Or maybe not. Anyway, I am occasionally obligated to spend a little time with my kids, and they tend to like one-on-one time. With Bean, that's super simple. Tickles and roughhousing on the bed and he's happy as a clam. Not those clams that get eaten by birds, though. I don't figure they're all too happy.
Bear is also pretty simple. Flying his X-wing at the park, throwing a football, playing video games, boom…

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