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D23 Madness!

Hi everybody!  It's D23 time!  Are you as excited as I am?  Probably moreso!  I don't actually even know if it's called D23 cause this is the 23rd one, or what!  Beth knows, but I sure don't.

Okay, but seriously, I am pretty excited.  And I know that our whole weekend is going to be taken up with getting new updates (from people who are lucky enough to be there,) and posting them to everyone who plans on reading them here.  I mean, right here.  As in, we're going to just keep updating this post.  And as new info drops, I will happily pick it up, dust it off a bit, and re-drop it for you, right here.  So instead of combing the internet, obsessively hitting "refresh" on your Google search for "D23 news," you can just come here.  Chill out.  Read updates as they happen.  Watch videos right after we watched and linked to them!

Man, do I want that model!  Everything seems so much more exciting with that music playing behind it, doesn't it?  Anywa…

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