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Is Frozen Overrated?

You know what the internet needs? Something else about Frozen. I know, you're rolling your eyes.  I can hear you from here.  Is Frozen overrated?  No, and I am going to tell you why.

You are shocked right now. I understand. You may need a moment to recover. I'll wait.

I have heard every single reason you can imagine about Frozen being overrated.  I've even seen people write lists about it.  I am about to give you some reasons why Frozen is actually underrated. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but hear me out with an open mind.

The Songs 
Those first few notes of Let it Go start to play and your skin starts to crawl. Yeah, I get it, you have heard that song more times than there are snowflakes in the movie. Just because you are tired of hearing Let it Go over and over, doesn't mean you should brush off the entire soundtrack. It's loaded with charming songs like Do You Want to Build a Snowman, In Summer, Love is an Open Door, and so on. The soundtr…

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