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How to Make Beer Bottle Lights

With this project, I am going to turn you into an alcoholic. Or at least your neighbors will think so.

Save your beer bottles or wine bottles for some beer bottle lights. String them along a pathway or counter to create a festive mood for your party.

Image of string of lights in beer bottles along a pathway.

How to Make Beer Bottle Lights

All you will need is beer or wine bottles and some Christmas lights. Begin by stuffing a beer bottle with lights. Then let a little hang down between another bottles. Stuff the next bottle with lights. Do this until you run out of lights. I used four bottles with a full set of lights. 

Image of set of three beer bottles lights lined up side by side.

That’s it. It really is that simple. Pro tip: Point the lights down to make it easier to stuff in the bottle.

Guests will love this simple decor. This is also great for summertime lighting. The soft lighting that these produce is beautiful.

Image of beer bottle lights lined up outside.

I wouldn’t suggest leaving them outside all the time though especially in rain.
I personally leave them sitting on my counter. Enjoy!

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