Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Beer Bottle Christmas Lights

With this project, I am going to turn you into an alcoholic. Or at least your neighbors will think so.
Save your beer bottles or wine bottles. Clean them up really good and scrape off the labels.

Stuff Christmas lights down in each bottle.

See how we did it by clicking play!

That's it.

Easy and beautiful, right?

Having a Christmas party? Line it up along the driveway or decorate the table with them.

I wouldn't suggest leaving them outside all the time though.

I personally leave them sitting on my counter.

Just a little extra decoration for your home!


  1. This is a fun project! Now I know how to recycle my beer bottles!!

  2. Haha perfect for that party where you know your bottle collection is going to grow.... :P

  3. Love it. And how convenient, we have a ton of empty bottles!

  4. Awesome! Such a clever and simple idea, and frugal as well!

  5. What a fun, simple decoration! I'm pinning this now to remember it for my next Christmas party :)

  6. How do you make a line of lighted wine bottles ..mine string looks bad.

    1. We added a video to this post showing how we did it. I hope that helps!


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