You Are Enough

This is for all the moms, dads, grandparents, etc. Anyone that is feeling overwhelmed, tired, and that you are just not good enough. You are not alone. It is easy to let those feelings creep up on you. 

You turn your head for just a second and your baby falls and bumps his head. Guilt.

You stare at Pinterest and all those adorable ideas for a treat for your kid’s school Halloween party and you know there’s just not enough time, money, and patience for that project. Overwhelmed.

When everyone is finally in bed and you wanna crash on the couch to watch Netflix. That’s just not possible. There’s too much to do. Tired.

The sound of fussing, fighting, and crying makes you wanna crawl in a corner somewhere. Irritated. 
Your babies are growing up way too fast and you want to cherish every second, but all those previous feelings keep getting in the way. Not Enough.

But you are enough. It may not feel like it. Those feelings are overwhelming and can take over. Take a deep breath and know that you are enough. You are the perfect parent for your child. 

I understand. I have been there. I am there now. This post is more a reminder to myself and hopefully to encourage others. 
Get a stack of Post-it notes and write I am enough. Stick them everywhere. Or click on the above picture and print it out. I will put a link at the top of the blog that says You Are Enough and link it to this post. Click it whenever you need another reminder. Whatever you need to do to remind yourself that you are enough. We all need a reminder.
This is why we have this blog. To share our successes and to help you realize that you can create your own magic. It doesn’t need to be perfect. It doesn’t need to be over the top. It just needs to come from the heart. (As corny as that sounds.)  It took me nine years to realize that. 
We could fill a whole blog with our continued failures at those Pinterest projects. But we simplify them and turn into something that the tired and overwhelmed parent can achieve easily. 

We hope to inspire you and help to realize that it doesn’t need to look perfect to be perfect for your child. 

Beth is a stay-at-home homeschooling mom and photographer. She spends her days coming up with creative ways to inspire and teach her two oldest kids. Let’s be honest though, a big part of the day is spent chasing after the smallest one. She hopes to spread goodness and magic with her DIYs, recipes, and tips. Follow her on Instagram @PaperAngelsPhotos

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