Crystal Palace at Magic Kingdom Review and Video

There were several MUST do’s when I booked our trip for Disney World, such as breakfast at ‘Ohana on the day we leave (it’s a delicious tradition of ours.)  A couple of new ones were:
1.) An early reservation to Crystal Palace on little Bean’s first birthday.
2.) 1900 Park Fare. I knew the step-sisters would love my two boys. (And they did! Review/Video coming soon.)
First Birthday Breakfast at Magic Kingdom

We didn’t know a whole lot about Crystal Palace going in, excepting that it would get us in the park before rope drop, and that Pooh and friends would be there.  As it turns out, we have a tradition now.  ‘Ohana on the day we go home, and Crystal Palace for breakfast on our first park day.

All the delicious food on my plate.

Seriously, this restaurant has jumped to the top 5 after just one visit.  The food was amazing, and plentiful.  It’s a buffet (one of Jacob’s favorite words) style breakfast with so many choices! Everyone will find something that they enjoy on the buffet even those picky eaters. Our waiter was just wonderful; neck and neck with one other for the best service we had the whole week.


The Winnie the Pooh character interaction was perfect.


But what really sets CP (what the cool kids call it) apart are the character interactions and the cast members.  We were just a bit nervous about Bean’s first interaction with the characters, since they can be a bit overwhelming for little ones.  But he loved it!  They didn’t charge right up to him, they let him warm up to them on his own time.  There was no rush to get to the next table.  Pooh even got in a small tug-of-war with Bean.  (Check the video for more on that.)  And Piglet loved Bug’s outfit.


Piglet loved her outfit.


Now, while others might choose Be Our Guest or Cinderella’s Royal Table, I am telling you here that CP is our pick.  And we ate at all three of those places during our trip.  It’s relaxed, not too crowded (that is, until this blog sends throngs of people beating down the door to get in,) and the food and cast members are top notch.  It was truly a pleasure for every single member of the family, and like I said, is a must-do for every trip after just one visit. 

The whole family with Tigger.
So next time you Disney, try something a bit different than the crowd.  You’ll be glad you did.


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