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Hi everybody!  It’s D23 time!  Are you as excited as I am?  Probably moreso!  I don’t actually even know if it’s called D23 cause this is the 23rd one, or what!  Beth knows, but I sure don’t.

Okay, but seriously, I am pretty excited.  And I know that our whole weekend is going to be taken up with getting new updates (from people who are lucky enough to be there,) and posting them to everyone who plans on reading them here.  I mean, right here.  As in, we’re going to just keep updating this post.  And as new info drops, I will happily pick it up, dust it off a bit, and re-drop it for you, right here.  So instead of combing the internet, obsessively hitting “refresh” on your Google search for “D23 news,” you can just come here.  Chill out.  Read updates as they happen.  Watch videos right after we watched and linked to them!

Man, do I want that model!  Everything seems so much more exciting with that music playing behind it, doesn’t it?  Anyway, stay tuned for updates through the weekend.  
Update! (1:30 PST 7/14/17)  Bob Iger has announced that ONE of the Star Wars lands will be open before D23 of 2019.  There is no confirmation of whether this refers to Disneyland, or WDW.  But I really hope it’s WDW.  Just saying.  
Either way, there is a model of the First Order ride car, complete with pilot droid.
So, you know, Star Wars day is before D23.  They could open it then.  Kind of perfect, don’t you think?  
Update! (3:30 pst 7/14/17) Disneytoon Studios confirms that its next film will release April 12, 2019.  It’s untitled, and looks to be about the future of air/space travel. 

Update! (4:30 pst 7/14/17) The animation panel just ended and we are starting to see some reactions. Ralph Breaks the Internet will literally break the internet? It includes princesses? We do know that a scene from the movie was shown and the real-live princesses decided to make an appearance during the panel.
Pixar announced that their next original movie will be about two elf brothers in a modern fantasy world. Details seem to be limited. The same crew from Monsters University is in charge.
More information about The Incredibles was announced and you know how much we love The Incredibles. 

The new movie will pick up right where the old one left off which means baby Jack-Jack is still a baby.  I heard a lot of people expecting that he would be grown up. I like the fact that he is still a baby because well, our baby Jack-Jack is still a baby.
Update (7:30 7/14/17) First off, release dates for all the movies announced are:
Wreck it Ralph 2- Ralph Breaks the Internet- 3/8/18.  Fun fact- all those princesses who took the stage (and are featured in WiR2,) were the voice actors for Belle, Ariel, Jasmine, Pocahontas, Tiana, Rapunzel, Merida, and Anna.  Which means there was probably some Auburn gear up on that stage today.
Incredibles 2– 6/15/18.  Edna Mode will be returning.
Untitled flight film– 4/12/19
Frozen 2– 11/27/19  But don’t forget, if you can’t wait that long you can get your fix of Elsa, Anna, Olaf, and the gang just before Coco, in the short film Olaf’s Frozen Adventure. 

Toy Story 4– 2019  They are introducing a new character; a paper doll named Lulu.

Day 2 (7/15/17)

Star Wars!  Okay, news is coming in steadily.   A lot of info about Disney’s Live movies has been released, and we’re getting to it.  However, Star Wars’ Youtube channel did slip a little something in, too:  
Seriously, this has me more excited than the trailer did!  If you are wondering what the three B’s thought of the trailer, here you go!

Big panels coming up today, so stay tuned!

Update (1:30 PST 7/15/17)  This.

Holy crap, I want that Star Wars AR game soooooo bad.  I’ve been a fan of AR games for years.  But I’ve always been hesitant about buying all new technology just to play it.  Until now.  They’re bringing holo-chess, people!  Or you can re-enact battles on your living room carpet!  Seriously, I have to have one of those AR masks.  And they still have Spider-Man and Kingdom Hearts to go over.  And we don’t have a PS4.  Yet.  This could get expensive.

Update (3:30 PST 7/15/17)  For the first time in, well, ever, Mickey Mouse is finally getting his own ride!  Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railroad will be at Hollywood Studios.  It will be the first completely Mickey-themed ride in the history of the parks.  Got a big Mickey fan in your household?  I know we do.

There will be an original song written just for this ride.  It’s going to take place inside a brand-new animated Mickey and Minnie short, in what they are calling 2.5D.  No glasses will be required to enjoy the ride.  Sounds pretty amazing.  Little Bean can hardly wait.  Heck, I’m even excited.

Looks like Epcot is getting a little more character love, too.  A brand new ride is coming to France, based on Disney/Pixar’s Ratatouille.  It is an extension of the France Pavillion, and will be a 4d ride modeled after the existing ride at Disneyland Paris.

There will be a new China movie, as well.

The World Showcase isn’t getting all the fun, though.  Why showcase the world when you can showcase the entire… Galaxy!
That’s right, Guardians of the Galaxy will be showcased in Epcot, as well.

Seasoned space pilots- are you getting bored of Mission Space?  Are you starting to feel like you’re just flying the exact same mission every time you blast off?  Well look forward to an update to this ride coming soon for the green side.   A themed restaurant is also coming soon, where you can feel like you’re dining in outer space.

Back in the Magic Kingdom, Tron is coming in, and will not be replacing the Tomorrowland Speedway.

Not too far from the Magic Kingdom, located in a galaxy far, far, away, The Star Wars resort will be built at WDW.  Let me say that again, for emphasis.  There will be a Star Wars resort built at WDW.
So, if you need me, that’s where you should look.  Just saying.

They are introducing a “Minnie” van service for point to point transportation throughout the park.  Even bigger than that, there are going to be skyliners that connect Art of Animation, Pop Century, and the Caribbean Beach resorts, as well as other locations.

Toy Story Land, which admittedly took a backseat to Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge, jumped back up when I saw the design mural at Hollywood Studios.  They’ve announced an opening for summer of next year!  I can’t wait.

Disney Land is going to be all about Pixar, soon.  Besides remaking Paradise Pier into Pixar Pier, they are also going to have Pixar Fest for a limited time only, next summer.  The Cars attraction at California Adventure will also be getting a Halloween makeover this fall.  Get ready to visit California!

All the fun isn’t limited to the land, though.  Disney Cruise line is adding a third ship, and will have a new show based on the live-action Beauty and the Beast movie.

The Guardians of the Galaxy won’t be holding down California Adventure on their own for long.  Spider-Man and the Avengers will all be joining them in the Super Hero Universe.

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Stay tuned, 

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