Tips for a Back to School Party Tradition

Shh.  Do you hear that?  That music?  You know the music I’m talking about.  The Jaws music.  But it isn’t a shark looming, just below the horizon.
It’s school.
Okay, seriously, though.  School is on the way back, and even our homeschoolers are not feeling too excited.  So we decided to fall back on something we did a few years back; a back to school party.  It doesn’t have to be a big affair to help start things off with the right attitude.

So, you know we love Dollar Tree around here, because it’s a great way to keep those impromptu events cheap and easy. In fact, most of the decorations for our Magical Beauty and the Beast movie night came from Dollar Tree. You would be amazed what we found there.  Now, of course we haven’t had our back to school party yet, since it isn’t quite back to school time.  But taking cues from our past party, we can help you plan one out for this year.

School themed decorations: There are all sorts of cute classroom decorations available.  A pack of flash cards can make a great banner for your party.

Twine, clothespins, and flashcards are all that is needed for this banner.

Crayons are a must for school anyway, but why not make them work double duty?  A glass vase full makes a good back to school centerpiece.

Crafts: Grab some DIY foam crown kits for the kids to design. This was a fun activity but also made them feel special when they put their crowns on.

I used a sticker set as a placemat and laid out markers for them so they can color their stickers. This serves as a few different purposes: a fun activity, cute decorations, and/or a great addition to their crowns.

Gifts: Get a plastic storage bin and place some little gifts in there and you have one happy kid. It doesn’t have to be an over-the-top gift to get a sweet smile. Then you can use the bin later for school supplies.

Treats: And what would a party be without treats?  Awful.  That’s what it would be.  Oh, that was a rhetorical question?  Sorry.  This is awkward.  You know what would make this less awkward?

Adorable letter shaped cookies

We made our crowns, colored our stickers, ate our dinner/treats, had a special bedtime story, and before you know it, school didn’t seem quite so bad.

Of course, Bear and Bug are a little bit older now, but we are still going to have the party, just aged up a little bit.  And we are still going to have treats. (Jacob made me put that in.) Check back to see a back to school party in action. We will update you on this year’s party with a post and video.

So go out, have some fun, and customize it to fit your own kids’ personalities and needs.  And don’t tell them.  They just come to dinner and see a little school-themed party, and an ordinary meal before the school year starts up is suddenly something a bit more magical.


Beth is a stay-at-home homeschooling mom and photographer. She spends her days coming up with creative ways to inspire and teach her two oldest kids. Let’s be honest though, a big part of the day is spent chasing after the smallest one. She hopes to spread goodness and magic with her DIYs, recipes, and tips. Follow her on Instagram @PaperAngelsPhotos

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