Daddy Daughter Night In

So, this post is for all the dads out there.  Dads with daughters.  Daughter daddies.  You know who you are.  Technically, I suppose moms could also read it.  Actually, I would love it if you do.  Everybody is welcome to read it.  I’m kind of funny, sometimes.  Try it.  Who knows?

So anyway, Dads, et al, you know how it can be.  Beth and I are the stereotypical parents, where I work full time outside the house, and she stays home and eats healthful snacks whilst our angelic children clean the house and make the world a better place. (She just rolled her eyes.) Or maybe not. Anyway, I am occasionally obligated to spend a little time with my kids, and they tend to like one-on-one time. With Bean, that’s super simple. Tickles and roughhousing on the bed and he’s happy as a clam. Not those clams that get eaten by birds, though. I don’t figure they’re all too happy.
Bear is also pretty simple. Flying his X-wing at the park, throwing a football, playing video games, boom. Done. Bug… Bug can be a bit more complicated. While she likes some games, I do tend to have to step outside my comfort zone a little bit more often.  And while I’m happy to do so, it does tend to be more… uncomfortable?

I painted those sparkly nails. Yes, I got glitter on me.

I hate glitter.  In any form. Especially glittery nail polish that won’t come off. And since nail-painting is one of the only activities I have for Bug, little glitter accidents happen more often than I’d like. Luckily, someone heard my cry of anguish, and provided me a better way to spend time with Bug. I should mention that we did receive what I am about to discuss for free. There are also affiliate links here. Think you’ll enjoy the box? Wanna show some support? Click the link. You can read our disclosure about such things here. All opinions do belong to Beth and me.  We/I will be honest about our feelings. Those aren’t for purchase, no matter how many free things or money you send us/me. Please, feel free to test that policy, if you see fit.
Anyway, my cry of sparkly anguish was heard from afar.  All the way from South Carolina. Or at least, that’s where they sent our Daddy Daughter box from Night In Boxes from. So, yeah, you can take a good guess at where this is all headed. A box full of fun activities and things for a father and daughter to do. Together.  I guess I should mention that. Things like crafts, books, wearables, and probably not dinosaurs.  (Note, our box did not contain any dinosaurs. However, I have not been able to review every single box to verify that there are never any dinosaurs.) So we set aside some time for a daddy/daughter night.  (Full disclosure: it was actually afternoon.) Bear knew that we had the box, but not what was in it, and somehow managed not to spoil the surprise for Bug.  
Bug was absolutely over the moon when she found out that we were going to have some special time together. I’d be lying if I said this didn’t make me feel warm and fuzzy. Even going back over it now has me smiling a bit. Dads, if you haven’t taken the time to do one-on-one with any daughters you might have, do it. Immediately. It’s not the same as it is with boys.  
Beth put up some pretty fantastic decorations and we ate pizza for starters. I painted Bug’s nails, inexpertly, and she loved it. She picked the colors, and I (sort of) did just what she wanted. I even got some on me. You know those videos on your Facebook feed where people create miniature works of art on their nails like it ain’t no thing? This was like the opposite of that. And like I said, she loved it.  Then it was time to break into the box. This was the Aloha box, so the theme should be obvious.  
In case you said “no,” it was tropical. The box said Aloha in big letters, and had pineapples and hibiscus flowers all over it. There were leis, a cute flower hairclip, tropical foil confetti, visors, stickers for the visors, a decorateable Chinese lamp, a book about fish, and most importantly, dinosaurs snacks.  Everything was very cute, and Bug was really hyped up for it. I gave her her lei, and clipped the hairclip in every bit as expertly as I had painted her nails. I then let her choose what we would do first, and she went with the visors.  We each took one, and decorated them up with stickers.  There were two kinds of stickers, foil ones and foam ones. The foil ones were good, but the foam ones were really thick and high-quality. After making our visors a bit more appropriate for the occasion, we went for the fish lamp. This was a little bit confusing, for a moment, but we still had a good bit of fun doing it. I’m tempted to rig up a small tea light or something inside so that she can use it for a nightlight, later. (Note, there was no lighting apparatus included in the box; it was just there to decorate.)  After that, we opened up some snacks, and she read the book to me. It was a lot of fun.  
Now, that being said, the box was definitely aimed toward a younger child than Bug. She did still really enjoy the one-on-one, but I think adding in a few age ranges might help make these even more special.  Another thing I would like to see would be a bit more permanent craft, such as a welding kit braided friendship cord bracelet or something like that. It would have been neat to have something I could wear to work, where the foam visor would neither be practical nor allowed. That said, those are the only real things I would change about the box. We’ve ordered other companies’ “craft boxes” by mail in the past, and those often felt a little cheap and chintzy to me. This stuff was all of a higher quality level; you could tell that bottom line wasn’t the driving factor in picking out materials or items.  Oh yeah, and the snacks were all Dory and Nemo themed. So for a bunch of Disney-headed folks like us, those were a big hit. Bug even saved some to share with Bear afterwards.  
Need some tips about how to make your next daddy daughter night in a success? You’re in luck. Beth made a video for that and you can see everything that was in the box. Just click play.


All in all, this was a fun event, and a good driving force for me to make some time for Bug that I might not have done otherwise. I can’t wait to see what’s in our next box. (Hopefully it’s dinosaurs.)
– Jacob

Beth is a stay-at-home homeschooling mom and photographer. She spends her days coming up with creative ways to inspire and teach her two oldest kids. Let’s be honest though, a big part of the day is spent chasing after the smallest one. She hopes to spread goodness and magic with her DIYs, recipes, and tips. Follow her on Instagram @PaperAngelsPhotos

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