Tips for a Magical First Birthday at Magic Kingdom

First birthdays are special and should be celebrated even though your little one will probably not remember it. They will still enjoy the photos and videos from their celebration when they’re older. If you are thinking about celebrating at Disney World, I would suggest spending their first birthday at Magic Kingdom because it is the most baby-friendly. Here are some tips and suggestions about how to make your day magical and how we celebrated our little Bean’s first birthday.

Reserve a Special First Birthday Breakfast

 Image of Winnie the Pooh hugging one year old at Crystal Palace

Start your day off with a magical meal. You have three options at Magic Kingdom: Crystal Palace, Cinderella’s Royal Table, and Be Our Guest. I recommend Crystal Palace and not only because that’s what we did. CRT and Be Our Guest are more for the older crowd. Your little one will enjoy the relaxed atmosphere a lot better and has a chance to warm up to Winnie the Pooh and his friends. If you prefer, you can book a breakfast at one of the resorts like Chef Mickey’s, O’hana, or 1900 Park Fare. And then you can head to Magic Kingdom. Remember that you need to book your reservations 180 days in advance to make sure you get the one you want.

Server lighting a birthday cupcake at Crystal Palace for one year old.
Crystal Palace really went all out for our little guy. Our server bought out a special cupcake with a signed birthday card from all the characters and then sang happy birthday. Talk about a special memory. (Even though we let sister eat that cupcake because we had another first cupcake in mind)

First Disney Ride

Image of Mom smiling and looking over at baby while waiting in line for It's a Small World.

I love that Magic Kingdom has so much to offer for little ones. There are plenty of rides to choose from for a little one’s first Disney ride. Magic Kingdom has Peter Pan’s Flight, The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, It’s a Small World, Jungle Cruise, PeopleMover, Pirates of the Caribbean, and more. Little Bean’s first one was It’s a Small World. We didn’t really plan it that way but I think that is a perfect ride to start out with. (Now you have that song stuck in your head. You’re welcome.)

First Haircut 

Image of baby looking in mirror after having his first haircut.

A first haircut on a first birthday and first pair of Mickey ears. That’s a lot of firsts. Stop by the Harmony Barber Shop for a first haircut. You will receive Mickey ears to commemorate the first haircut, a certificate, and a little bag with locks of their hair. They really go all out to make this experience a memorable one. The Barber Shop is tucked away in the Town Square. Be sure to call to make a reservation.

Cupcake in Front of the Castle

Image of baby with cupcake in front of castle at Magic Kingdom.

 It’s a birthday celebration so of course you need a cupcake. A first cupcake in front of Cinderella’s castle? Yes please! I will hold this moment close to my heart forever. This was little Bean’s first taste of any kind of cake or sweets so his reaction was priceless. The cupcake came from Main Street Confectionery. They have so many special cupcakes to choose from. Then we found a spot that was shady and wasn’t crowded off to the side but still in front of the castle. Don’t forget napkins. This will get messy. Let your little one go crazy with it. You’re only one once, right? 

Memory Maker 

I highly recommend Memory Maker. Find photographers throughout the park to take photos of this special day.
And at the end of the day when your little one is worn out and sleeping in a stroller, you have the perfect opportunity to create a precious photo like this one. 


Image at nighttime in front of castle at Magic Kingdom with family with fingers over mouth and baby sleeping.


 Take it slow

Slow down and enjoy the little things. It doesn’t need to be a big over the top day to create special memories. Take time for naps and quiet time. The Baby Care Center in Magic Kingdom is tucked away in a quiet location between Casey’s and The Crystal Palace. Take advantage of this area when your little one needs a moment away from the crowd. It has everything you need to relax and enjoy your one year old.

Sometimes the little things are the ones you remember the most, like when a PhotoPass photographer randomly took some pictures of Bean while we were waiting for the rest to ride Splash Mountain. This ended up being my favorite picture of the entire trip.

Image of baby holding Winnie the Pooh stuffed animal in stroller.
Bonus tip: don’t forget to grab a free birthday button. 

And that is it for now. Enjoy your time at Magic Kingdom celebrating your little one! Come back and let us know about your trip.

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Beth is a stay-at-home homeschooling mom and photographer. She spends her days coming up with creative ways to inspire and teach her two oldest kids. Let’s be honest though, a big part of the day is spent chasing after the smallest one. She hopes to spread goodness and magic with her DIYs, recipes, and tips. Follow her on Instagram @PaperAngelsPhotos

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