2017 Must-Have Christmas Gift Guide for Kids: Harry Potter Edition

We have a huge Harry Potter fan in the family. A Harry Potter fan that is actually turning 10 today! What better way to celebrate than a gift guide that includes gifts that he actually received?

I’m sure I’m not the only one with an elementary aged Harry Potter fan so I’m going to show you the most wished gifts in this Harry Potter gift guide for kids. These gifts would be perfect for Christmas.

Must-Have Christmas Gift Guide for Kids: Harry Potter Edition

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Harry Potter Fidget Spinner


Image of Harry Potter Fidget Spinner.


Fidget spinners are all the rage right now. It seems like every kid has one, but not quite like this one. We’d actually been avoiding getting one for Bear, but we had to give in with this one.  This unique fidget spinner looks just like the golden snitch from Harry Potter. It is a bit higher than most fidget spinners, but if you’re going to do it, do it right.  This thing is worth every penny.  It’s solidly constructed, and spins approximately forever.  Any Harry Potter fan would be thrilled to unwrap this little doodad.
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Chocolate Frog


This is actually from last year’s birthday, but we had to mention it, because they are so cool.  You can order the Chocolate Frog online, but we prefer to get them from the source, because then you actually get to go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios.  
The box is a really neat keepsake, and will be reusable, if you want.  The frog itself is very tasty, huge, and made of solid chocolate.  There was enough for Bear to share with the whole family, so I liked it.  Finally, each frog comes with a Wizard card, just like in the book/movie.  Bear got Salazar Slytherin.  While these, again, are a bit pricey to try to collect them all, it’s a neat surprise that really adds value for your HP fan.  

Magic Science Kit for Wizards

 This idea is great for the kids that love to learn. We went through several different magic/wizard science kits, including some branded ones, but we settled on the Magic Science for Wizards Only for a few reasons. First of all, it was substantially cheaper. Yes, we pay extra for quality in some areas, but Jacob’s wallet can only take so much of a beating. Also, it contains every ingredient you will need to perform the experiments. Nothing will take the magic out of your child’s Christmas like a frenzied rummaging through the cupboard only to find out you are out of baking soda. Finally, since this is a science kit, this one seemed to have a good focus on the science aspect of things, which is important, even with the wizard theme.
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Harry Potter Board Games

There are actually quite a few themed board games for the Harry Potter fan in your life.  We wound up choosing the Harry Potter Triwizard Maze game because the Trouble-style game is easy for children of different ages to play, and also because this is the one Bear actually asked for.  Some of your other options are the Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle, which we haven’t played, but it looks like fun.  Also, there is Harry Potter Wizard Chess, and finally Harry Potter Pictopia.  And this is just naming a few.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone:

The Illustrated Edition

This book is beautifully illustrated. Even if your child owns every copy ever made of this book, you need to add this one to the collection. It’s full of full-color illustrations, that bring the classic tale to life in an entirely different way than even the movie did.  It’s one of Bear’s most treasured possessions, and he chooses to read this version every time he re-reads the series.  
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 Do you have any suggestions to add to this list? What will you be getting your Harry Potter fan for Christmas? Leave a comment letting us know.
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Have fun shopping!

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