How to Make an Olaf Snack Mix

This yummy treat is for all the Frozen fans, more specifically the Olaf fans. So everybody, cause who doesn’t love Olaf?  The Olaf snack mix is great for movie nights, birthday parties, winter get-togethers, or a fun treat on a random Sunday. I was inspired to come up with this snack after watching the new Frozen short, Olaf’s Frozen Adventure. 
Image of completed Olaf Snack Mix.

Olaf is such a fun character that is full of sweetness and joy. That is exactly what I wanted the mix to be, too. I carefully selected each ingredient to represent the lovable snowman, while still staying tasty. 


Image of ingredients for Olaf Snack Mix.

Rice Chex.
Snowflake pretzels. 
White Chocolate.
Sprinkles. I found snowman and snowflake sprinkles. I also added in the orange sprinkles to represent his carrot nose and the blue sprinkles just because it’s a fun pop of color.
Mini Marshmallows.
Mini Chocolate Chips. 
– Blue Sugar Sprinkles.


Lay out your Chex cereal on a piece of wax paper. Melt your chocolate and put it in a sandwich bag. Cut off a corner of the bag and drizzle your Chex with the chocolate. Add some blue sugar sprinkles for some extra Frozen magic. The best part is, not even the Duke of Weselton will accuse you of witchcraft because of this magic!

Image of Chex with white chocolate drizzled over it.
Let the chocolate harden up in the fridge. That should only take a few minutes. Place your Chex on a plate or in a baggie and then add in your other ingredients and mix it up. That’s it. It really is that simple. 

Kid’s Thoughts:

Bug is a huge Frozen fan so it wasn’t a surprise that she was thrilled with this Olaf snack mix. She loved exploring all the different ingredients. I heard extra giggles when she found the snowmen sprinkles. 

Bear’s favorite part was the snowflakes pretzels which is surprising since he doesn’t usually like pretzels. (By the way, I found those at Wal-Mart.) 

Bean loved the cereal.  I think he might have a new favorite.

I would call that a success. It is always a good feeling when you get smiles and giggles from putting together a treat like this. And it lasted about as long as a snowman doing whatever snow does in summer. 

Olaf Snack Mix Recipe


Beth is a stay-at-home homeschooling mom and photographer. She spends her days coming up with creative ways to inspire and teach her two oldest kids. Let’s be honest though, a big part of the day is spent chasing after the smallest one. She hopes to spread goodness and magic with her DIYs, recipes, and tips. Follow her on Instagram @PaperAngelsPhotos

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