Easy Cinnamon Banana Pudding Parfait Recipe

So, you’re sitting there thinking, “I want a snack.” Hi. Nice to meet you. We should be friends. We have a lot in common. I, too, want a snack. Like a cinnamon banana pudding parfait.

But snacks take effort, right? Listen here, mister/missy, snacks are worth the effort. But not too much effort. Well, don’t worry.  We have you covered.  This is an easy way to prepare an old classic, with a twist. 

Oreos.  The twist is Oreos. We do love us some Oreos.

Image of completed cinnamon banana pudding parfait with bananas

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All you’re going to need is bananas, banana instant pudding mix, vanilla instant pudding mix, vanilla wafer cookies, whipped cream, and cinnamon bun Oreos. I suppose you could make these with regular Oreos, but then they wouldn’t be cinnamon banana pudding parfaits, now would they? Anyway, I haven’t even tried that option out yet. They could explode. Don’t blame me for whatever happens.  


Image of ingredients for parfait: bananas, whipped cream, Oreos, pudding, vanilla wafers.




Step one: Prepare both instant pudding mixes. There are those that will tell you that you need to make homemade pudding. Those people have yet to be introduced to the concept of “children.” Don’t listen to them. Mix both pudding mixes together, right in the same bowl. At the same time. It’s craziness. Try to contain yourself.

Step two: Slice up some bananas.

Step three: Blend some of the Oreos down to crumbs. It’s okay if you tear up just a little bit when you have to enact this on the greatest flavor of Oreo. There’s a lot of pollen in the air. A few tears are perfectly normal.

Step four: In a cup, layer pudding, vanilla wafers, crumbs, pudding, cookies, banana slices, more pudding, whipped cream, and sprinkle a few more crumbs on top. You could layer this in some other order, but I haven’t tried that out yet. It might explode.

Step five: Quit reading this and eat your cinnamon banana pudding parfait! Do I have to tie your shoes for you? Seriously.


Detail image of cookie crumbles on top of parfait


Important note


This recipe is definitely a “your mileage may vary” deal.  Bear, Bug, and Bean could have eaten a bucket full as is. Beth and I thought it was delicious, but extremely rich. I had to force myself to put down the last few bites. These are the things I do for you, our readership. Maybe cut back on the Oreos just a bit. That’s less delicious Cinnamon Bun Oreos that you have to subject to the blender, so everybody wins.




And there you have it, folks.  Amazingly easy cinnamon banana pudding parfaits that will make you the envy of your friends and neighbors. Unless they explode.


Image of Cinnamon Banana parfait.


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