How to Make DIY Disney BB-8 Valentine Cookies

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and you need something really special this year. Something like a Disney BB-8 valentine.  Maybe because last year, in lieu of candy or flowers, you prepared a report on the history of St. Valentine’s day. (Lots of people died, and not even in a romantic, Romeo and Juliet kind of way.) But this year, you need something amazing.  Something Star Wars related.  Maybe because your girlfriend or wife is awesome. (Of course she is. But she should like Star Wars because it, like she, is awesome.) Maybe you’re doing this for a guy. (Any guy. If he is a guy, and doesn’t like Star Wars, leave him now. It’s a trap!) Maybe you’re an overachieving parent who wants to make all the other kids in the class jealous of your kid. Maybe you are, in fact, Poe Dameron. If so, hi Poe, welcome to the blog. Big fan. I’ll try not to gush though. No matter what the case, we have what you need here. And it’s actually pretty easy.

Image of completed Disney BB-8 valentine cookies with candy hearts surrounding

How to Make Disney BB-8 Valentine Cookies

These really don’t take that long, and turn out awesome, so you should absolutely do them. Plus, it’s a proven fact that BB makes everything better. Even At-Sts.
All you’re going to need are normal Oreos, the greatest ingredient, (you might want Double Stuff,) miniature Oreos, white chocolate candy melts, Red Hots miniature heart candy, and pink icing. (Decorator icing, not frosting. This is important. The fate of the entire galaxy might just rest upon it.) So anyway, just five ingredients (technically four) and you are ready to go.


Image of ingredients for Disney BB-8 valentine cookies: Oreo cookies, miniature Oreos, red hot heart candy, white chocolate melts, pink decorator icing.


First off, you need to melt your white chocolate wafers. If you always have trouble with them like I do, buy a microwave with a melt setting, like I did. Seriously, it’s like magic the Force. Anyway, once they are melted, you need to assemble your droid army. But good droids, not like Dooku’s droid army. To do this, take apart your mini Oreos, and stick one side in between a bigger Oreo’s layers. Just shove it down in there.

Image displaying how to join mini Oreo cookie with larger oreo cookie.


Now, if you didn’t listen to me, (you didn’t, did you?) like I didn’t, (yeah, I didn’t either) and bought regular Oreos, there is an intermediary step. You need to take apart two Oreos, leaving the creme filling intact. The best way to do this is to have Darth Maul cut them in two for you with his unreal lightsaber skills. Failing that, twisting usually works pretty well. Either way, get them apart, and take the creme side from both cookies, and stick them together. A little firm pressure should do the trick. And if you break them, you get to eat your mistakes. Or if you don’t want to, I will come eat them for you. We strive for professionalism here at Paper Angels, and no sacrifice is too great for our reader base. Once you have a double wide Oreo, separate a mini Oreo and shove the creme side of that down in your cookie. It’s important to note that you should be able to just push it down in without separating the halves of the bigger cookie. Anyway, once your bases are ready, it’s time for step two.

Stick ’em in the chocolate like Han Solo in carbonite.

Yeah, that.

What, you want more? Okay, well, you only really need to dip the front half in. That’s front, as in the flat side.  Technically, you could do the whole thing, but this way is easier and they still look great. Let them cool till they’re like Han Solo on Jabba’s wall.


You’ll want to cut some candy hearts in half, unless you’re an absolute klutz with a knife, and don’t have Darth Maul handy, or a mom who’s bonkers with a razor. They look better halved, since they’re pretty thick. I also cut a small notch out of the tops of some of them when they lacked definition, to give them a better heart shape. Stick them on with a small dot of icing. Then circle your hearts with the pink icing, and add a smaller circle that doesn’t have a heart inside. A couple of dots for his facial features, and…


Image of completed cookie with BB-8 droid looking on.
No, really. You’re done.
Write “Will you BB my valentine?” on a 3×5 note card, bag it up, and that is that. You’ve just made an amazing Valentine that could melt even the Sithiest of hearts.

Pinterest image of completed Disney BB-8 Valentine Cookie

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