Best Unique Character Autograph Ideas

Autographs are a big part of a Disney Parks vacation. It is exciting to meet your favorite character and get a memento from that moment. I didn’t want an autograph book that would lay around collecting dust. I wanted something special that would proudly be displayed. We achieved that and now I’m going to share the best unique character autograph ideas that you can use during your next Disney vacation. 

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Junior Encyclopedia of Animated Characters

Eeyore signing his autograph to the Junior Encyclopedia of Animated Characters book.

This first idea is actually an autograph book of sorts, just hear me out. The Junior Encyclopedia of Animated Characters contains over 150 characters with a brief explanation and photos. The characters recognize this book and even can immediately turn to their page if you are scrambling to find it. This book provides some fun interactions with the characters when they start discussing their pages. We have used this for two trips and have filled most of the pages with autographs. The book is constantly being pulled out and read through. This particular book never even gets the chance to gather dust.

Wooden Ornaments

Grab some wooden ornaments. You can get a huge pack of plain round ones on Amazon. Then personalize them by painting them or using vinyl. Finally, grab a marker and let the characters sign the ornaments. You can choose to get one signature per ornament or have several different autographs on one ornament.  When your think about ornaments, you think about Christmas time, but this doesn’t need to be just a Christmas idea. Use heart shapes for Valentine’s Day or egg shapes for Easter. The possibilities are endless.

Photo Mats

Mickey Mouse signing his autograph to a photo mat.

Grab a picture frame with a photo mat. Use that photo mat for autographs. When you get home, print up a picture of your favorite character interaction and frame it with the the autograph mat. Don’t make the same mistake we did. Protect your photo mat from rain by storing it in a Ziploc bag or a page protector. It rained on us. Our mats got wet and the rain left a brown smudge on one. That smudge actually makes me smile now. So don’t panic if they don’t come out perfect. 

Character Specific Uniques

Rapunzel and Flynn Rider's autograph on a frying pan.

Before your trip, talk about about characters you are most excited about getting an autograph from. Rapunzel was the top of our list and that is how the idea of the autograph on a frying pan came to be. Next trip I am taking a wooden fork for Ariel’s autograph. Think about that favorite character and what item they could sign that is unique for them. Keep in mind that it needs to be easy to carry around and easy for the characters to sign.


This last one might be my favorite, because you could accomplish it without packing anything but one marker! Just go buy a white souvenir t-shirt from one of the shops on Main Street, or anywhere near the entrance of your park of choice. Then as you meet characters, have them sign it. Boom. Done. Of course, you can bring different markers if you want, but it’s still the least baggage-intensive option. Just make sure you use permanent. 


There you have it. Five unique character autograph ideas for your next trip. Which idea will you be using?

Five Unique Character Autograph Ideas.

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