DIY Mickey Mouse Easter Wreath

Springtime brings us beautiful flowers, pretty pastel colors, and Easter! Add a little Disney to that mix and you’ve got a perfect DIY wreath. You have seen our Mickey Mouse fall and Christmas wreaths, now I am going to show you how to make a DIY Mickey Mouse Easter Wreath that will fit into everyone’s budget. This time I challenged myself to create an Easter wreath for $15 or less. Challenged accepted and completed.  

DIY Dollar Tree Mickey Mouse Wreath

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DIY Mickey Mouse Easter Wreath

The first place I check when I’m trying to stay within budget on a project is Dollar Tree. I am always amazed at what I find there. All of the supplies for this wreath came from Dollar Tree. 


Image of Dollar Tree supplies for a DIY Mickey Mouse Easter Wreath

How to Make a Mickey Mouse Easter Wreath

Step 1: Fasten the wreaths together.

Just lay the wreaths out the way you want them to be. You can adjust them right now until you have the perfect Mickey look. Then, using your thick floral wire, fasten each smaller wreath, one at a time. (You will want the smaller wreaths to be behind the larger when it is hanging.) Don’t worry if the wire doesn’t look great, we will hide it later. Right now, you just want the wire to be sturdy enough to keep the smaller ones in place, so be sure to wrap it several times for each wreath.

Step 2: Hot glue and pipe cleaners.

Image of pipe cleaners wrapped around wreaths to create Mickey ears.

Flip the wreath over and you can wrap some pastel pipe cleaners over top of your floral wire to hide it a little better.  Or you can just leave it exposed, if you wish. It’s your wreath, you decide what looks best! Then, use hot glue to better secure the smaller wreaths to the bigger one.

Step 3: Add flowers, eggs, and ribbon. Oh my!

Image of bow with flower on wreath.

Since each pick comes with multiple flowers, I advise using some wire clippers to cut the stems apart. (If you don’t have any, Dollar Tree has those, as well.) This way you can put the flowers together any way you like. Just insert the stems into the wreath. Try different combinations, placements, even angles. I had to try several different ways before I liked what I had. Once you’ve got it to where you like it, flip the wreath over and cut off the excess stems that are showing. Make sure there aren’t any cars. (If you want to know what that is about, watch the video.) Go ahead and use some hot glue to fix the flowers in place after you’ve trimmed them. Back to the front side, and add in your egg picks. Flip it again, trim off the extra sticks, and glue the eggs in place. Flip it one more time, and make a small bow out of your ribbon. Glue that in place to hide the floral wire over your other ear. I glued a small flower on top of it, as well.

Step 4: You’re done!

That’s right! Go hang and enjoy your DIY Mickey Easter Wreath.


If you are more of a visual person, we’ve got you covered. Click play to hear us ramble.


DIY Dollar Tree Mickey Mouse Easter Wreath

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