Must-Have Disney Games for Family Game Night

Must have Disney Games for Family Game Night

Must-Have Disney Games for Family Game Night

Family game night is a big deal around our house. It is a time to put away all distractions like phones or tablets and spend time together as a family. Since we are a Disney family, we like to bring a little Disney magic to our game night. That means we have a whole collection of Disney games for family game night. I’m going to highlight some of our favorite Disney games so you can bring a little magic to your next family game night. These are games that are currently in our game chest and one that will be added soon. 

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Disney Apples to Apples Card Game

Image of playing cards for Disney Apples to Apples

Disney Apples to Apples is actually my favorite. It is a fun game that all ages can enjoy. I love that there are not tons of pieces for this game, just two decks of cards. It is just like the regular Apples to Apples game, but with all things Disney instead. Deal the red cards to each player and then take turns being a judge. The judge picks a green card featuring a one-word characteristic. The other players pick a card from their hand that most represents that characteristic. Everyone needs to convince the judge that their card is the best match. This is where it gets silly. Sometimes the cards in your hand don’t quite match the characteristic so you have to be creative with your description. We always have a lot of laughs with this game. I am currently the Disney Apples to Apples champion in our household.

Disney Pictopia

Image of the board game, Disney Pictopia

Disney Pictopia is an unique trivia type game. There are questions that you work together as a team, solo questions,, and questions about your opponents.  Little ones can have a fun time with this game, but they will need help reading the questions. Even if you know every single piece of Disney trivia, you can still have fun with this game. I really enjoy the questions about your opponents. It is fun to try and guess what they will pick. If you are more into Star Wars, there is even a Star Wars Pictopia!

Disney Eye Found It

Eye Found It is not at the top of our favorites list, but I wanted to include it because it has made for some pretty fun family game nights. You work together to travel through the game board to get to Cinderella’s castle. If you spin a golden Mickey, flip over a search card and everyone starts looking for the item on the card. This is really fun taking the time to soak up all the little details of this game board. After playing this game several times, it does get redundant. So it’s not a game we grab for game night much anymore. The details and cooperative play make this game worth it though.

Disney HedBanz

Image of Mickey ears headband with Nemo playing card

You get to wear Mickey ears when playing Disney HedBanz. What could be more fun than that? Each player wears a card on their Mickey ears headband. Ask questions to figure out who is on your card. Questions like “Am I a princess?” or “Am I an animal?” The first person to correctly guess wins! There is even a Marvel HedBanz game that we will be trying out, too.

Disney Song Challenge

This is game will be added to our family game night as soon as possible. I just learned about the game, Disney Song Challenge, and it is what inspired this post. If you love Disney songs like we do, then this game is for you. We are always breaking out in a Disney song like when someone says you’re welcome or when I click remember me when signing into an online account.

In this game, you get to sing Disney songs and re-enact scenes. This sounds like a game that will bring lots of giggles to game night.

What Disney game for family game night do you have in your collection or will be adding soon? 

Must Have Disney Games for Family Game Night






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