DIY Infinity Stones Candy for Avengers: Infinity War

Picture of assorted Marvel Super Heroes with multicolored candy glass

For the past ten years now, we’ve been learning bits and pieces about the main villain of the MCU, Thanos, and his quest to gather all of the Infinity Stones.  Well, little did he know that all the machinations weren’t necessary; I have a full set right now!  Okay, so technically, they’re candy, so not as powerful, but still pretty desirable.  It’s DIY Infinity Stones candy!  You only need three cheap ingredients that you might even have already. So what are you waiting for?

The Ingredients

Picture of food coloring, flavoring, corn syrup, sugar, and mason jar.

Okay, so I promised three, but I lied.  A little bit.  Must be the Loki in me.

You will need:

  • Sugar.  Regular white sugar.
  • Corn Syrup. Yes, the nectar of death.  Get the clear kind, not dark.
  • Food Coloring.  Regular, cheap, crappy food coloring.  No need to go all Tony Stark and buy the expensive gel.
  • Flavoring extract (optional) You probably have some on hand right now.  You know, like vanilla extract?  There are a million kinds.  Natural and artificial.  I know, you’re probably turning your nose up at the very concept of artificial flavoring, if you’re French. But there are more flavor options that way.  I toyed with the idea of buying six flavors to go with the six stones but I didn’t want this to run over $20.  Sticking with one flavor kept it at about $7 for everything.  I went with natural bubblegum flavor.  I was unaware that bubblegum was a naturally occurring flavor.  This concept needs to be explored further.  I’ll let you know what I discover.

So yeah, four.  And you don’t have to have the last one, so no need to Hulk out on us, okay?  The sun’s gettin’ real low, big guy.


The Preparations

Picture of baby in Captain America shirt holding food coloring

Okay, we’re going for simple, here.  You will need a microwave safe bowl that has more than enough room for your ingredients.  You’re going to mix the sugar and corn syrup together in a 2:1 ratio.  You will also need six individual containers to mix coloring and flavor in.  I used mason jars; they’re kind of ideal.  Then you’ll need some spoons or something to mix the coloring and flavor; one for each jar.  Finally, you’ll need something to pour the candy on to cool.  I used wax paper, but it wound up sticking to the candy.  I’ve seen people recommend baking parchment, or something called silpat.  Again, I’m not French.  I also feel like a silicone mat would work, if you have one on hand.  If you try any of these, leave a comment and let us know how they work.

The Process

Just whisk or blend or whatever until it’s a sugary lump.  To make all six stones we used about a cup of corn syrup and two cups of sugar.  If you’re planning on making all six, I’d break the process up into at least two batches; it cools super quickly.  We actually had to reheat ours just a little after adding coloring just to make it pourable. 

Also, it’s best to pre-add your food coloring and flavoring to the jars before you start microwaving.  Your window to get this right is very small.  We used 6-8 drops of coloring (in case it’s been a long time since art class, remember that you can mix blue and red for purple, and red and yellow for orange) and I just poured a little bit of flavor into each one.  If you absolutely must have a measurement, I’d estimate it to have been about 1/8 tsp. 

At any rate, cover the bowl with plastic wrap and microwave for 2-3 minutes.  You will see a lot of bubbles form.  If it starts to discolor (caramelize, if you’re all fancy, mister French person) then you’ve cooked it too long.  Stop and start over.  The ingredients are cheap.  Take the plastic off and discard it, to remove all of the condensation that has collected.  Cover it again with new plastic, and microwave a little longer.  We went for 2 minutes, then one more.  The sugar should be all bubbly, as if it was boiling, and then you froze it in time like… nobody, cause nobody in the MCU right now can do that.  Wanda, maybe?  Let’s go with Wanda.

Photo of molten sugar being poured into glass jarAnyway, remove the plastic and discard again, then pour it into your jars.  No more than 3 at a time.  I split it about evenly between the 3 jars. By the time you have all of this poured and stirred, it’s probably already thickening up too much.  No problem.  Just pop each one in the microwave for 30 seconds or less, and then pour on to your surface.  It will probably look all bubbly when you do, but the bubbles will disappear.  (note: Please, please, PLEASE be careful while pouring.  This is super-hot and super sticky.  Do not let your children help.) 

Repeat with the other two, then repeat the whole process over again for your next three stones.  Then just let it harden.  You’re almost there!  Once it’s rock-hard, just take a rolling pin, or a knife handle, or Mjolnir, if you’re worthy, and smack the crap out of it.  This will shatter the beautiful candy pools into glasslike fragments.


Picture of Thor toy about to smash candy glass

Okay.  You’re done.

The Notes

Now this stuff is mad sticky.  Like, insanely sticky.  It’s good, it’s easy, it looks pretty accurate, but it’s sticky.  Some people recommend tossing the fragments in powdered sugar, which will help with the stickiness.  You might want to try this if you are planning on taking some with you to see Avengers: Infinity War.  Unfortunately, it makes it look a lot less like the Infinity Stones, though.  So it kind of defeats the purpose.  Besides, there should be a little bit of difficulty here, right?  If it was that easy to get Infinity Stones, we would only have one movie in the MCU, and that would be the real tragedy. (Because it wouldn’t have been Guardians of the Galaxy, or Spider-Man: Homecoming.)


DIY Infinity Stones Candy

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