How to Earn Free Disney Gift Cards

How to Earn Free Disney Gift CardsIt is no secret that a Disney parks vacation is expensive. We spent years thinking we could never afford to go, until we finally took the plunge and went for a weekend. Now we’re addicted, but the park hasn’t gotten any cheaper. This is why it’s important to find ways to make extra money wherever you can. I’m going to lay out several opportunities I use daily to save up extra money, and how you can use these same programs to earn free Disney gift cards or other things. (But let’s face it, they all end up going to Disney.)

Six Easy Ways to Earn Free Disney Gift Cards

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Swagbucks is the biggest earner for me. It takes time and effort but worth it in the end. Earn points called SB by completing surveys, watching videos, searching the web, completing offers, and more. Trade those points in for PayPal cash or gift cards. Disney gift cards are not currently offered as a reward. You can trade your points in for Target gift cards and then use those to purchase Disney gift cards in store. Or just simply get PayPal cash and order from I have earned over $1,000 since I joined and currently have $178 saved up in just a few short months. Jacob has earned $112 in that time. You are allowed more than one account per household so refer your spouse for extra earnings. Set yourself a goal each day to start earning for Disney.

How Much You Can Earn on Swagbucks in 30 Days


Ibotta is an app that allows you to earn cash back on in-store and mobile purchases. I use it more for in-store purchases. Look through the offers, click on the ones you are interested in, make your purchases in-store, and scan your receipt. These are purchases I would make anyway so why not make a little extra money from it? Earn a minimum of $20 and cash out with PayPal. 

Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards is another app where you scan your in-store receipt. You earn points every time you scan a receipt and earn extra points when you purchase one of the offers. You can even use Ibotta and Fetch Rewards together. For example, I bought a pack of Capri Sun from Wal-Mart. I scanned my receipt to Ibotta and earned $0.25 and then I scanned the same receipt on Fetch. I earned 22 extra points on Fetch for that same Capri Sun pack. Enter my referral code, H6JBR, at the sign-up screen and you’ll get 2,000 Fetch points. That is equal to $2 in points. 


I use Ebates for online purchases. Click through Ebates before you make a purchase online and earn cash back. If I need to purchase Disney gift cards, I earn 1% cash back when I purchase them at BJ’s Wholesale club. They also give a $10 cash back bonus so you get free money just for signing up.

Disney Movie Rewards

As soon as a new Disney movie hits the shelves, you can guarantee that it will be in our cart.  Inside every movie is a “Magic Code.” Enter that Magic Code on the Disney Movie Rewards site and earn points. Save up your points for Disney gift cards or other fun Disney merch. You can also send in a picture of your ticket stubs when you see a Disney movie in theater to get points. 

Wal-Mart Savings Catcher

Download the Wal-Mart app and click on Savings Catcher. Scan your Wal-Mart receipt or enter your TC # if you did a grocery pickup order. If a competitor advertises a special deal for a lower price, you will get the difference. That difference will be loaded onto an eGift card for you to use at Wal-Mart. Use that to purchase Disney gift cards. 

Every Little Bit Helps

These ideas won’t pay off your entire Disney vacation unless you are saving for years, but it will give you a major boost with your savings and help you earn free Disney gift cards. There are tons more apps and opportunities that I didn’t cover here. I laid out the ones that work for me. Explore and see what works best for you. Be sure to join our Facebook group, How to Save Money for Disney, for extra tips and advice.

Six Easy Ways to Earn Free Disney Gift Cards

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