Five Reasons Why Family Vacations are Important

Five Reasons Why Family Vacations are Important.

Family vacations can be expensive. The cost of lodging, food, gas or plane tickets, and attraction tickets adds up. That cost may keep you from making the decision to take a much-needed vacation. I truly believe that family vacations are important. It took awhile for me to see past that cost, but I’m so glad I did. Here are five reasons why family vacations are important. 

1.) Making Memories

When you’re old and gray, do you want to look back on your life with regrets or smile at the memories? We spent Bean’s first birthday at Walt Disney World. And no, he won’t even remember it, but we will, and if we hadn’t, we would never have gotten this picture. Completely worth it.

Image of Winnie the Pooh hugging one year old at Crystal Palace

2.) Kids Grow Up

Everybody tried to warn me that they grow up fast when I was knee deep in diapers and spit up from my firstborn. My young and naïve self didn’t listen. But they do grow up fast. You blink and all of the sudden you are the parent of an independent 10 year old. Every single age is a new adventure. Savor every step of the way. Take those vacations to spend time with one another. Each age provides new opportunities and experiences. 

3.) Learning Opportunities

Image of dolphins jumping out of the water.

The best way to learn is to get out and experience it yourself. Kids can learn about geography, new cultures or ways of life, climates, animals, and so much more. You might even learn a thing or two.  We went to the park once, and found these weird things that looked like big mud anthills. Jacob did some research, and we found out that they are crayfish holes. It doesn’t need to be big and elaborate; this was a simple trip to the park. You never know where a learning experience will pop up, but you do know that they won’t if you never go anywhere.

4.) Bonding Time

Image of daddy helping his little girl with putt putt golf.

Life is busy and hectic. It is hard to get quality family time between work, school, or various activities. It is important to carve some time out of that busy schedule for bonding. Spend time laughing and just enjoying life. Going somewhere as a family helps reinforce that bond, because you become a team for whatever experience you are partaking in. 

5.) Relaxation 

Get away from the stress and worry of everyday life to relax and unwind. Yes, a million things could go wrong to prevent you from relaxing like your toddler having a meltdown or your teenager complaining. But these can (and will) happen at home, too. And if you are stressed out, they will happen more often. It affects your whole family. Plus, it is 100% easier to ignore the negative sounds by listening to the waves washing up against the shore. It’s science.

Image of water on beach with the ocean sparkling.

What are you waiting for?

If you are waiting for the perfect moment to take your vacation, you will be waiting forever. There will never be a perfect moment. There will always be problems or excuses like financial worries. Save up your money and make it happen. You will not regret it. 

Five reasons why family vacations are important.

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