Incredibles Movie Night

Incredibles Movie Night with Frozone Milkshakes, Stretchy Treats, and DIY Incredibles Shirt

After nearly a decade and a half, The Incredibles is finally getting a sequel! To put this in perspective, I didn’t even know Beth existed when I went to see the original, and now we have over a decade of marriage and three kids under our belt. But the sequel is upon us, and it looks… incredible! (Oh yeah, I did it.) Obviously, we needed to watch the original again to be ready. And around here, movies mean movie night, so we’ve set up an Incredibles Movie Night. Now you can have a super movie night, too. And when everyone’s movie night is super, no one’s movie night is super. Hmm, that might not have been the best quote. But the guy who said it got sucked into a jet engine, so, maybe he was wrong.

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DIY Incredibles Shirt

Image of baby wearing DIY Incredibles onesie

You can’t just watch The Incredibles without the proper outfit. You were going to, weren’t you? Well change into this DIY Incredibles shirt instead. Actually, make your own, and change into that one. All you really need is a red t-shirt, (plus onesie for your own little Jack-Jack,) and some yellow, black, white, and orange felt. Also a glue gun. And scissors. And hands. The scissors will be hard to work without those.

  1. Cut a pretty big oval shape out of the orange felt. Place it on the shirt covering the chest area so it sits the long way, not the tall way.
  2. Cut a smaller oval out of the black. If you place it on the orange felt, it should show a border of around an inch or so. Cut this in half the short way. Place these two halves together, still in an oval, on the orange oval. Slide the right half up a little, and the left half down a little bit, but still leave some orange showing on both sides. They should about match up with the top and bottom of the orange oval.
  3. Cut a yellow rectangle that is a little taller than the black oval and a couple inches across. Cut down diagonally from the top right corner, just enough to put a little slop on it. Lay this over the split in the black oval halves. It should match up with the bottoms of both ovals.
  4. Cut a yellow circle that has a diameter of just slightly bigger than the width of your rectangle.  Place this just above the rectangle.  Between the two of them, they should about cover the entire split in the black oval.
  5. Cut a smaller white circle, place this in the center of the yellow circle.
  6. Pick everything up and hot glue it back down, once you are satisfied with the placement.
  7. You are done! Now change shirts. Now you are properly dressed for your Incredibles movie night, as well as a trip to the theater.

Frozone Milkshakes

Image of two milkshaes with straws

These are super simple, and super tasty. You need ice cream and milk. If you didn’t already know this, you have some serious self-analysis to do. We used Mayfield Birthday cake ice cream, because it has Frozone’s color palette already built in.  Add about equal parts ice cream and milk, slightly heavier on the ice cream side of things. Blend those jokers up. Add in a scoop of ice cream on top to get those nice blues and whites in there, and some blue sugar sprinkles to go on top. We picked up some giant Smoothie Straws to help drink them. So stick in a straw, and enjoy!

Stretchy Treats

Image of girl holding red stretchy treat

We got red Fruit by the Foot. Cause it’s stretchy, like Elastigirl. Then we ate it. Cause it’s already stretchy. Seriously, what else were we supposed to do? Just go with it.

Movie Time!

Not every movie night has to be super complicated, and involve Beef Ragout. Enjoy your Incredibles movie night, and keep watching for our review of The Incredibles 2, coming soon.

Incredibles Movie Night tips

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