Four Reasons to Get Excited About How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

Four Reasons to Get Exicited About How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World
© DreamWorks Animation

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World is coming in March 2019 and DreamWorks has just released the first trailer for it! The Hidden World is the third chapter in this popular, yet underrated series. There have been a ton of trailers lately that made me jump in glee over or even cry a joyful tear, but I’m going to explain why the How to Train Your Dragon trailer got me really excited.

The New Light Fury

Image of the new Light Fury
© DreamWorks Animation

It was once thought that Toothless was the only Night Fury in existence, but the newest chapter brings us a female version of the Night Fury, the Light Fury. This beautiful creature is a mystery, with new abilities such as teleportation. Toothless is already well-known and loved by many, so it will be exciting to learn about the Light Fury’s personality and abilities. It will be interesting to see how she plays a role with Toothless. We already know that Toothless falls hard for her.

Toothless Flirting

Toothless flirting might be the cutest and most hilarious thing ever. This adorable dragon is having a hard time charming his new friend and has no clue how to act around her. But how could she not fall in love with him after his dance at the end? Please tell me somebody already has a GIF of this.

Breathtaking Visuals

Image of Astrid and Hiccup in the new dragon world
© DreamWorks Animation

The trailer shows us a glimpse into a new dragon world and some breathtaking visuals. Astrid’s initial response to it was “Wow” and I agree.  Honestly, the visuals shown in the trailer are right up there with Coco and the Land of the Dead. That is saying a lot because it is no secret that we love Coco for about a million reasons, not least of which are the visuals. There are colors everywhere you look in the dragon world. I want to go.

Edge of Your Seat Adventure

The trailer definitely did not disappoint with the action. The villain in this movie wants Toothless and has  promised to destroy everything that Hiccup loves if he doesn’t hand him over. Hiccup is determined not to let either of these things happen. He uses his trusty old wingsuit, as well as a new, pretty serious looking suit of armor. There are aerial battles as well as fights on land and sea. How to Train Your Dragon has never skimped on the action, and this might be the biggest one yet.

Honorable Mention: Hiccup’s Beard

I mean, just look at that thing!

Image of Hiccup with a beard
© DreamWorks Animation


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