Disney World Survival Kit – What’s in our Backpack?

Disney World Survival Kit. What's in our backpack?

So, you’re going to take a trip to Disney. You have your room booked, you have your park tickets, you have your days planned out, you have your meals booked, you have your fastpasses locked in, you are ready. Oh, you are just adorable. Naïve, but adorable, just like we were. At least, I like to think that I was adorable; Beth may disagree. But the point is, you are so not ready. The following is a list of things that we wished we had brought on past trips, and would never dream of going back without. It’s your Disney World survival kit! (Notice: these items are only useful at Disney parks, you may not use them anywhere else. Just kidding! This kit should serve you well at most theme parks. If you are going somewhere where you know one or more will not apply, feel free to omit them. You don’t have to contact me for permission first.)

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Phone Charger

Oh dear Lord, bring a portable phone charger. Our first trip ended in dead batteries every day and a mad rush to charge everything at the hotel that needed charging. Plus, my phone decided to update to a new Android version one night, so I went to sleep with a charged phone and woke up with a dead one. Fun times. But you are going to need your phone to check on fastpasses, take pictures, google the prices of merchandise in the parks, all sorts of things. You’re gonna need it, and it’s gonna need some power. Unless you want to camp out at one of the few accessible outlets in the park for a couple hours, you should pick up a portable phone charger.  The one we use is a Jackery. It’s small and lightweight, holds enough charge for 4-5 full phone chargings, and even has an LED flashlight. In fact, Bear uses it as a rechargeable reading light at night. It’s super handy, but also cost effective. It’s not the fastest charger out there, but if your phone usually charges in about an hour, it should get it done in about two, so it’s not too bad in that arena.


Depending on your age ranges, there are a couple of options you will want to check out. If you have a stroller, you should invest in a stroller clip fan. It clamps directly to your stroller, and will keep your little one cool(er) in the Florida heat.  Another worthwhile option is a spray fan. If you don’t bring one with you, you might just end up paying a ridiculous amount in the park for one, like we did. Twice. They are currently listing for just under $20. You would be so much better off just bringing your own.

Image of smiling baby in stroller.


Okay, so, you may have noticed that WDW is in Florida. And Florida has this nasty habit of suddenly pouring down rain on you with no notice whatsoever. While the park does have ponchos for sale, you can buy enough for your whole family to have them for the price of just one in the park.  Heck, I’ve bought pairs of pants that cost less than the one we bought at the park. While the Disney ones are good quality, the cheap throwaway ones will serve you just as well, and are so much more cost effective.  Plus, they will take up less space in your backpack.

Headache medicine

It’s hot, it’s humid, you might have to wait to get to eat something, there are people everywhere, all sorts of things that can cause a headache. Be prepared, so that you don’t derail a fun day by being grumpy. Less specifically, you are going to do a lot of walking, so something for general aches and pains would also be a good idea.

Supplies for Autographs

Eeyore signing the Junior Encyclopedia

Yes, the parks sell these, too. And they work just fine.  But there are some very clever ideas out there if you want something more than just a book. Consider clickable Sharpies, the characters will love you for it.

Fruit snacks

Kids love fruit snacks and they are great for a quick snack, or just to shut them up for five minutes. Buy the ones you like because you already know you’ll be stealing them*. Fruit snacks are a lifesaver in any situation.  This one included. Get a big box and load your bag up. You won’t regret it.

*True story, I was at the store once, discussing which fruit snacks to buy, and I told Beth “We should get the bigger pack, because then I feel less bad when I take them for myself.”

Water flavoring liquid/powder

Did you know that you can get free water almost anywhere that has a soda fountain? Just waltz up and ask. But if you don’t waltz, they won’t give you anything but a dirty look. However, a little flavoring can go a long way, especially if you have children with you.  So bring those squirty bottles, or the little powder singles to add in. It can save you money at mealtime, as well.


Yeah. Baggies.  Your cell phone and autograph book will thank you for it if it rains. Also, it’s a great way to keep your clickable sharpies organized. You can get some sandwich sized and gallon sized bags for various purposes.

A backpack

Image of little girl and man wearing backpack.

All of this was intended to fit into a backpack, so you had better make sure you bring one. You could modify the list some, and use a fanny pack, I guess, if you’re one of those type of people. But either way, a backpack is a must.

And that rounds out my Disney World survival kit list. This will help you enjoy your vacation that much more. Anything you can think of that might be useful that I forgot? You’re wrong. I never make mistakes.

Disney World Survival Kit. What's in our backpack?

Jacob is a husband and father of three.  He has a full-time job, but a lifetime commitment to making life magical with the rest of his family.  He enjoys reading, cooking, visiting places, and not trading his baby away to the Jawas.  We don’t recommend following him, but if you must, he does have a Twitter account.

5 thoughts on “Disney World Survival Kit – What’s in our Backpack?”

  • Telephone charger. That is one of the biggies. The mobile telephone is for communication, the camera, the planning device, and so much more. You have put together a really good list, yet that one item really caught my attention because I agree. Haha. Thank you for sharing your suggestions.

  • I so agree about the phone charger. I have been caught out more than once with a flat battery on a phone and no way to communicate. I like the idea of the water flavors – never thought of that one!

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