Christopher Robin Movie Review – Does It Live Up to Expectations?

Did the movie Christopher Robin live up to expectations? - Christopher Robin Movie Review

Winnie the Pooh is a childhood favorite of mine. What’s not to love, right? He holds a special place in my heart.  But I grew up. Favorites change. Responsibly takes over.  Still, there is no replacing that lovable silly old bear. I catch glimpses of my childhood when I see Bean hug his Pooh Bear tight or gets a huge grin at just the mention of Pooh’s name. When the first Christopher Robin trailer was released, even friends that I haven’t seen in awhile knew that this one was going to bring a smile to my face so they reached out to me right away to let me know about this exciting movie. But did Christopher Robin live up to my expectations? Here are my thoughts and Christopher Robin movie review.

Did Christopher Robin live up to expectations?

Image of Christopher Robin on a bench when he noticed Pooh Bear.

Before I clicked play on that first trailer, I was nervous. I wanted to love this movie. It had all the right ingredients to be a movie that would top my list of favorites including Ewan McGregor as Christopher Robin. My heart was immediately filled with joy after clicking play. I was still nervous going into this movie. I mean, I had high hopes and expectations. Christopher Robin was everything I expected and hoped it would be and so much more. It is a beautiful and sweet movie that captures everything wonderful about our Hundred Acre gang. I smiled most of the movie and even teared up for brief moments. It was wildly entertaining, but it hit close to home in a way I didn’t totally expect, since responsibility was a major theme.

Christopher Robin is relatable?

Adult Christopher Robin is someone that most parents can relate to in some kind of way. The pull of work and the duty of providing for your family plays a big role in this movie. But you also need to be there for your family, and that creates the conflict in the film. In this way, the movie is more for parents than children, but the Hundred Acre gang offer plenty for younger viewers, as well.

Will Small Children Enjoy Christopher Robin?

Image of children at the theater watching Christopher Robin.

You won’t like this answer but it depends. The answer is yes, if your child knows and loves Winnie the Pooh. I am emphasizing love because there are parts where a child could lose focus if they are not that into the characters. Bean, who is two, sat through the whole movie excited at the next chance to see Pooh. Pooh Bear shows up fairly quickly, so that immediately grabs in the kids.

But then this is where it gets more difficult to determine if a small child would enjoy this movie. The first part of the movie is very adult focused with adult problems that will leave kids with questions about what was going on. The younger ones might have trouble staying focused. So expect some fidgeting. Bean was fine because he was anticipating with excitement when he would get to see Pooh again. Have snacks ready or something to keep the kids occupied during this time.  This is a case of “you know your child best.” There are no scary parts so that is something you don’t need to worry about. While it might not keep every single child entertained, if yours is/are Pooh fan(s) it should go over in a big way. 

Overall Thoughts

Image of Pooh and friends in Hundred Acre Wood.
Piglet, Pooh, Rabbit, Roo, Kanga, Tigger and Eeyore in Disney’s live-action adventure Christopher Robin.

Christopher Robin is a heartwarming, feel-good movie. I left the theater smiling and still continue to smile as I type this. Of course, Pooh Bear is big part of the reason why, but Eeyore unexpectedly charmed his way into my heart. Pooh Bear fans of all ages will enjoy it. You owe it to yourself to see this one, even if it wasn’t really on your radar. Christopher Robin, Pooh, Eeyore, Piglet, Tigger, and all the rest have provided us with another classic Disney film, and an important lesson that isn’t ever too heavy-handed. We will be buying this one right when it comes out, so look out for a Christopher Robin movie night post coming up for you in the future.


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