DIY Cat Bowl Stand

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Easy DIY Cat Bowl Stand - Cat enjoying his 9Lives meal from the cat bowl stand.

This DIY is for all the cat lovers that need a better food/water bowl setup. We had a huge problem with the bowls being kicked and knocked over. You can imagine the mess I was constantly having to clean up. I needed something that would raise the bowls off the floor and wouldn’t be easily kicked over. So Jacob helped to bring my vision to reality with this DIY Cat Bowl Stand. But first things first, I’ll introduce you to the whole reason for this post.

Meet Captain

Captain, the cat, beside his food bowl stand.

Captain America, or Captain for short, is our seven-year-old buddy. He was rescued from the middle of the road as a tiny kitten and has remained a huge part of our family ever since. He has played in big toy cars, moved with us twice, provided countless snuggles, and is the reason for many giggles from our two-year-old.

Captain’s rescue story reminds me of Morris, the 9Lives® Cat. In 1968, Bob Martwick, an animal talent scout, discovered the orange tabby at the Humane Society in Hinsdale, IL and the rest is history. This year, Morris is celebrating his 50th Adopt-i-versary! I love that both Captain and Morris were rescued and given a life they deserve.

Supplies for DIY Cat Bowl Stand

Supplies for DIY Cat Bowl Stand.

For this simple project, you will need 2×2 boards, screws, saw, drill, 1.65 quart pet bowls that are 8 1/4 inches across (for this project, you really want metal bowls with a lip, as pictured,) and your favorite cat food. I choose 9Lives because it is a cat food brand that assures cat parents they are making the responsible choice.  It provides taste, nutrition, and variety while providing practical knowledge and advice, giving them the confidence that they are making the right choice for their cat.



First off, if you didn’t buy the 1.65 quart bowls, you need to know what size your stand will be. There is an easy way to find that. Lay your 2x2s across two sawhorses, or kitchen chairs, and space them apart until you can fit your bowl in between. Make sure they are close enough that the bowl can rest on them, supported by the lip. Put both of your bowls in to ensure a consistent gap, then measure the gap between the two boards. This is how big you need each side to be to properly support your bowl. Ours wound up being 7 1/4″.


Cut out four pieces that are 18 1/2″. You also need five lengths that are 7 1/4″. Then just cut out four cubes from your remaining 2×2, and you are done cutting.


Assembly is pretty easy. You should pre-drill holes for your screws, so the wood doesn’t split. Assemble two of your longest pieces with two of your medium pieces to form a rectangle.  Lay the shorter pieces so they are flush with the ends of the longer ones. Then drill and screw them together. One wood screw per corner should be plenty. This is the bottom of the stand.  Then repeat the process for the top, adding a third shorter piece in the middle. Once you are done with this, stack the four block pieces on the corners of the bottom segment. Set your top segment on top of this, then drill downward into each block and fasten them. Flip the whole thing over, and repeat to attach the bottom. You are done! Except for painting, of course. Painting after you build it will be easier, and  there is less chance that you will mar the paint somehow.

Fill It Up

When the paint has completely dried, it is time to put your bowls in and fill ’em up. Captain immediately gave his approval. And I can rest easy knowing that I won’t be cleaning any more spills and with 9Lives, I am giving my cat a brand of food that celebrates and champions all cats.

Next time you make a trip to Dollar General, look for 9Lives in the pet food aisle. Plus you can get $2.50 cash back! Your cat deserves to live well and 9Lives is the only brand that makes living well easy.


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