First Day of Homeschool Traditions

This is our third year of homeschool, and we are old pros at it by now. Okay, maybe not totally. But we have established some back-to-school traditions that we use to help ease our little homeschoolers into the year on the first day of homeschool. These traditions make it easier for them to separate summer from the school year, and make it fun, as well as something they can anticipate. Here are our tips for kicking off homeschool.

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Special Breakfast

A special breakfast for the first day of homeschool. This includes special shaped pancakes.

For starters, you need a special breakfast, right? It’s the first thing you do that day, so it’s a great way to start things off. Jacob makes some special pancakes every year, including ones shaped like the grade they are entering. While he used to freehand these with a bowl and spout, it’s gotten easier with this pancake pen we got him for Christmas. Any time you can get your spouse something that gets him to do more work, it’s a win-win.

First Day of School Pictures

Take first day of school pictures at their homeschool area.

Next up, it’s time for the homeschool area. You need to make sure they have a dedicated area for homeschool activities. You also need to make sure that you take some pictures of your kids in their homeschool areas now, while they are still excited to be there.

New School Supplies

Get all new school supplies for the first day of homeschool.

Of course, you need to stock up on school supplies. But you also have the freedom to organize them in a fun way. For Bear, we repurposed the skull jars from our Coco movie night for writing utensils. It makes him think about Coco every time he sees them. Bug used the teddy bear from a Build-a-Bear birthday party a few years ago, because it has a special pocket for a pen or pencil.

Bookworm Snacks

Get the kids a special treat for the first day of homeschool like gummy worms that we like to call Bookworms.

We do a special treat (and break the “no candy in your room” rule,) of “bookworms” every year. They’re actually just regular gummy worms. Don’t tell anybody. You just transfer them into a sandwich bag and put a tag on them that says bookworms. Then, your adorable children will rip into the bags before you can get a picture of the tag. Aren’t they the greatest?

Craft Time

Plan a craft for the first day of school like painting a wooden number of their current grade.

Plan a special craft that relates to the school year.  This year, we let each kid color little wooden numbers any way they wanted for the grades they entered. I then hot glued magnets to the back of each one, so that they can stick them to their desks. It doesn’t have to be anything too complicated, just a little something to start them off on a fun note.

Have a great first day

So there you have it. It doesn’t have to be a big, elaborate affair, you already have enough pressure on you, unlike those parents who just bundle their little ones off to school then enjoy several hours of sweet, sweet freedom. Wait, why are we homeschooling again?

Oh yeah, that’s why.


List of first day of homeschool traditions


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