DIY Halloween Village – Jack Skellington Approved

DIY Halloween Village with Jack Skellington

Halloween is a big deal around here. Well, all holidays are a big deal because that gives me a reason to decorate. I’ve had my eyes on those intricate, spooky villages. I could not justify those price tags that would make my bank account choke. So I needed a way to make a DIY Halloween village without breaking the bank. I took at a look at my piles of craft supplies and came up with a DIY Halloween village that even Jack Skellington would approve of.


Unpainted houses for a DIY Halloween Village

I had these unpainted Christmas village houses tucked away. I knew that I would never perfectly paint these houses to create a magical Christmas village so they were put aside. Dollar Tree has options for a Christmas houses or look at a craft store for clearance houses. You will also need some black spray paint. Grab some cardboard, orange paint, and glitter spray if you want to add in extra details. I will get to that in a minute.


Start by spray painting your houses. Do not worry about being perfect. The best thing about decorating for Halloween is things do not need to be perfect. You can leave edges or corners unpainted for a spooky effect.

While you are allowing that time to dry, work on a glowing effect for the windows. Paint small batches of cardboard orange for your windows. Then, spray with the glitter spray. Cut down to the size of your windows and tape it on. It turns out that I didn’t really need this because the bottom of my houses were hollow and I could tuck lights inside. So you may not need to do this step.

Halloween village houses with orange painted windows.

Decorating Time

I lined up my houses on the mantle with a few of them raised on a platform. I twisted a string of Halloween lights around the houses and tucked some up inside. Then I placed white tulle around the houses and lights. This created a look of fog. Then added a Jack Skellington. It may not be exactly like his town, but he definitely fits right in with this DIY Halloween village.

Cheap and Easy DIY Halloween Village - Jack Skellington Approved

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