Free or Cheap Stuff at Disney World

Free or Cheap Stuff at Disney World

Disney is expensive, y’all. I’m not going to mince words here. We’ve shown you how to save up for your trip, but even with that accomplished, you aren’t done. There are other items you need to bring with you. Also, there is tip money for all of the amazing restaurants you will visit. Finally, there are souvenirs. But believe it or not, you can find some free or cheap stuff at Disney World. So here is our guide to lots of things that won’t cost you any extra in the parks, including souvenirs for all of you.

Mickey Straws

Mickey Straw in smoothie at Disney World

This is actually one of my favorite souvenirs. You can purchase the Mickey Straw for just under $1.00 with your drink purchase. We paid $0.50 each the last time we went, but I’m sure it has gone up in price since then. Still a great little souvenir for cheap and it brings a little magic back home for everyday use. In fact, I’m using one right now in my drink.

Ice Water

Don’t pay for bottles of water. You can get free ice water at any counter service that sells fountain drinks. This is great to stay hydrated in the heat. Bring some flavor add-ins like single Kool Aid or Crystal Light packets and add it to your water for flavor.

Celebration Buttons

Pick up a free button souvenir. We have gotten the birthday button, first time button, and I’m celebrating button. This is also great because it lets the cast members know that it is a special event for you. It’s not unheard of for a cast member to give you a little extra magic when they know you have something special going on. Just don’t expect it. It is also great for teasing friends and family back home waiting for a gender announcement. Not that I would do that or anything. Spoiler alert: It’s a boy.

Celebration button at Disney World

Park Maps

Grab extra park maps. There are tons of fun crafts you can do with them when you get home. Those crafts are fun to do together as a family plus a fun memento from your trip.

Club Cool

Visit Club Cool at Epcot for free unlimited samples of soft drinks from around the world. This is a great chance to cool off. Be sure to try the Beverly. (wink wink.)

Harmony Barber Shop

Stop by Harmony Barber Shop at Magic Kingdom and they will sprinkle your hair with pixie dust for free. No haircut needed.

Pixie Dust in girl's hair at Harmony Barber Shop in Disney World

Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom

After you come out of the barber shop, stop by the Firehouse to play Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom. Each person in your group gets a free pack of spell cards. These are collectable, tradeable, and you can get a new pack once a day per registered player, but only if you are in the Magic Kingdom that day.

Wilderness Explorers

There are free booklets available in Animal Kingdom with a whole series of learning adventures for your younger ones. They collect stamps as they complete various activities around the park. This is a really fun, free activity but also a great learning experience.

Jedi Training

Jedi training at Hollywood Studios

Have a little Padawan? Get to Hollywood Studios early to sign up for free Jedi training. This is a great experience and our little Padawan even got a button. Once they are there, they will get to train with a lightsaber and even do battle with one of a rotating cast of Star Wars baddies.

Resort Perks

These vary, so I can’t really list them all, but each resort has activities, depending on the site and the time of year. We were given a schedule of activities for our resort when we checked in. Ask a Cast Member if you want to know more info about a specific activity. Also, if you have the dining plan, (which we recommend,) and are a resort guest, (which we also recommend,) you will get a free refillable travel mug. The refills are unlimited at your resort cafeteria, for your entire stay. (But not in the park, just so you know.)

Do you have any to add? Leave a comment to let us know!

Free or Cheap Stuff at Disney World.

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