About Us

by Beth

Everyone’s heard the saying, “Life is what you make it.” Well, we make it magical. We’ve learned to find that magic in all kinds of places: travel, family fun, DIYs, and cooking. Magic doesn’t need to be expensive and elaborate, either. Sometimes you can find it in your own backyard, like fireflies twinkling during a summer night. That’s how we found Magic, our friendly firefly. You can find him twinkling around our banner and photos.

Image of Paper Angels logo with Magic, the firefly.

Finding the Magic

Let’s get real for a moment. Not every minute of every day is magical. That’s life. Sometimes it’s hard. Sometimes it beats you down. Sometimes your anxiety is so bad that it’s hard to find any kind of good. Some days, magic seems to be far, far away. That’s why it’s so important to us that we try to find the magic in everyday life. We have our bad days, but that makes the days that we succeed in finding the magic so very worth it. That’s why we are here and we do what we do. We want to spread that magic we find. If we help even just one person find that magic or smile, then we look at it as a success. We talk a lot about Disney, because it’s the most obvious place to find magic, but there is so much more out there just waiting to be discovered.


Image of the Paper Angels crew with Tigger at Crystal Palace in Magic Kingdom.

We are family of five and four out of the five of us are actively involved in what we do here. The fifth one just turned three, and talks nonstop about Minecraft. A family that blogs together stays together, right? Or that’s what we’re going with anyway.

We are: Beth, photographer, stay-at-home mom, boss (around the house,) finder of magic, and keeper of the snacks. There’s Jacob, full-time worker and dad, not the boss, writer, fetcher of magic that Beth has found, eater of the snacks. Bear, 11, oldest, writer, photographer, goes through books faster than a library fire, lover of Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Marvel, and other eater of the snacks. Bug, 10, dancer, dreamer, lover of pigs, and she likes turtles, aspiring Marine Biologist, and beach obsessed. Finally, there’s Bean, 3, lover of Pooh Bear and Mickey Mouse, who will happily spend a whole day telling you about Creepers from Minecraft, and who gives kisses to inanimate objects.


Now you know a little more about us, what we do, and why. So come in, and join in our fun, and maybe find a little magic you can take back home with you.  Take all you want, we’ll make more.

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